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Explore our diamond, engagement ring and gemstone education sections for expert gemologist advice so you can make the perfect selection.

Diamond Education

Diamonds are the rarest and most valuable natural gemstone. With so many characteristics and attributes, diamond buying can be a difficult task. Browse our educational content guides on each major diamond topic to understand the nuances of buying a diamond. Learn the 4 C’s of diamonds and beyond so you can shop like an expert and get the most value and transparency.




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Diamond cut is the faceting or cutting of the diamond. It determines how much light can pass through the diamond and in turn how well it sparkles.

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Diamond color is the absence or presence of impurities and trace minerals in the diamond that determine if it is colorless or has a yellow tinge.

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Diamond clarity is the presence of different types of naturally occurring inclusions that form in a diamond’s growing process. Included diamonds can sparkle less.

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Lab vs Natural Diamonds

Lab grown and natural diamonds are moleculary identical. The only difference is in the way they are grown. Natural diamonds are grown within the earth while lab grown diamonds are grown in a lab setting. View our buying guides to learn more.

Engagement Ring Education

Engagement rings are the first commitment you make to your loved one that represents a lifelong bond. Buying an engagement ring can be made simpler by following With Clarity objective advice toward selecting the right style and diamond/gemstone, whether online or in-store. Our guides are crafted by certified gemologists, leveraging over 100 years of collective experience, with your shopping experience in mind. Learn more from our Engagement Ring Education Guide.



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Preset rings are crafted in house within 7 days and perfectly matched with lab or natural diamonds. Unique designs that are twists on classic, preset rings are perfect for those needed assistance with picking a ring and on a tighter deadline.

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Browse With Clarity’s inventory of over 200,000 diamonds of a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and qualities. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect diamond at the right price.

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Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a forever commitment of your special day. Learn about metals, widths, finishes and styles to make the right choice for him and her.

Gemstone education

Diamonds and other precious colored gemstones have unique qualities that make them the ultimate symbols of lifelong relationships. Buying a gemstone is an important emotional and financial decision. Ensure you purchase the right gemstone by using With Clarity’s Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond guides. Learn about pricing, selection, quality and value.



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Moissanite is a popular alternative to natural and lab grown diamonds. It is often cut with the same faceting as a diamond and is also quite close to the hardness of a diamond. The clear white color is close to the sparkle of a diamond. A moissanite can have more colors reflected within it and also be a more affordable choice for a diamond ring, promise ring or jewelry.

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Blue sapphire is the most common gemstone after diamond for engagement rings, wedding bands and even jewelry. It’s deep and soulful blue has sparkle and allure and is prized for it’s rich look. Classic and confident, blue sapphire jewelry is also a birthstone for September.

Jewelry Education

Jewelry is one of the most traditional and symbolic commitments of love, affection and friendship. By use of rare minerals, precious metals, fine gemstones and expert craftsmanship, there is no more personal way to show your commitment. Let our jewelry guides on necklaces, rings and earrings be your expert advice on selecting and purchasing the best gift.

Our expert gemologists have compiled invaluable tips and guidance to help you wow your significant other and provide you the greatest value from your purchase and shopping experience. Learn more from our Jewelry Education Guide.


Diamond bracelets are the epitome of grace. Whether thin or made with larger accent diamonds, bracelets are a great gift to celebrate any occasion. Learn more about our collection of lab or natural diamond bracelets.


Diamond & gemstone necklaces make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Check out our guides to learn about necklace types, styles, gemstones to find the right gift today.


Earrings are a timeless, thoughtful gift that leaves a lasting impression. They’re the most commonly worn jewelry type so use our guides to learn about the best style for her preference.

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