Stienhardt offers a handpicked assortment of earrings that serve as timeless essentials suitable for any woman's style. Our goal is to highlight the elegance of high-quality gemstones and diamonds alongside the brilliance of precious metals. This combination results in striking designs that resonate with women for years to come. Our earrings are available in diverse designs, sizes, and colors to cater to every individual style preference.


Earring Styles


Solitaire or stud earrings represent the epitome of classic style. Typically featuring a single gemstone or diamond secured by a precious metal backing, studs sit close to the ear and highlight the color and sparkle of the central gem. Perfect for daily wear, these earrings can also enhance special occasions depending on their size.

Stud earrings generally consist of a head that holds the gemstone attached to a post passing through the ear piercing. The post is secured with either a push-back or screw-back. Push-backs slide onto the post and stay in place via friction, offering ease of wear with secure fastening. Screw-backs, on the other hand, provide added security, making them ideal for larger earrings.

What sets stud earrings apart is their ability to create a floating gemstone illusion on the ear, accentuating natural gem colors or diamond sparkle subtly. Their smaller size and easy wearability make them suitable for girls and women of all ages. Studs are universally flattering, making them an excellent choice for gifting and a foundational piece for any jewelry collection.


Hoops present another versatile earring style that complements various face shapes. Available in a range of sizes and crafted from different metals and gemstones, hoops can be simple or intricate for everyday wear. The circular design of hoops typically starts at the front of the ear and loops towards the back, securing through the ear piercing. Hoops vary in thickness, weight, and can feature gemstones or diamonds for added sparkle. Modern iterations may include asymmetrical designs or woven metal elements, elevating their appeal for more formal occasions.

Types of Hoops

Stienhardt carries a variety of hoop styles.

  • J Hoops: These hoops do not meet from end to end, rather there is a gap in the back portion. The hoop is held in place with a screw or push backing against the ear lobe. This minimizes the weight and the appearance of metal. The front portion of the earring is set with gemstones or diamonds.
  • Huggies: These hoops sit close against the earlobe, minimizing the gap between the lobe and the bottom the earrings. Huggies are perfect for everyday wear are they are comfortable, secure and less likely to get caught on clothing. Huggies can be set with multiple smaller gemstones or a larger single gemstone.
  • Prong Set Hoops: These are closer to traditional hoop earrings, with a circular shape and a prong clasp that holds the earring in place. These earrings are typically set with gemstones and diamonds. With hoops that sit a little further from the ear, the movement of the wearer allows the sparkle to really come alive.


Halo earrings offer a stunning choice that complements both casual and fancy looks. These earrings typically feature a central gemstone encircled by a halo of diamonds or complementary gems. The halo enhances the size of the center stone while adding an artistic element to the design. At Stienhardt, we ensure the accent halo gems match the center stone in quality, ensuring a cohesive and flawless appearance. Halo earrings are available in various shapes like round, cushion, oval, and princess, and can be combined with other styles to create unique dangle earring designs.


Drop earrings dangle below the earlobe and can be secured in multiple ways, varying in length and shape. Classic drop earrings feature a basket that holds the central gemstone and is secured with a lever backing. Other variations include hooks or French wire backings, balancing the earring weight for comfortable wear while ensuring security. Drop earrings can feature linked gems of varying lengths, offering versatility for casual or formal occasions. This style's adaptability and unique designs make it an excellent choice for gifting.


Contemporary earrings build on traditional elements with additional design features such as clusters, intricate metalwork, and a variety of gemstone shapes. Clusters combine multiple identical gem pieces into circular or floral designs, creating the illusion of a larger gemstone from a distance. These earrings incorporate more metalwork and diverse backing options, ensuring they complement any face shape and attire.

Earring Metals

Yellow Gold and White Gold Earrings

14kt White Gold

14kt white gold is a popular choice for earrings, known for its silvery-white luster often enhanced with rhodium plating for extra sheen. Comprising 58.3% pure gold alloyed with other metals, 14kt white gold offers stability and durability ideal for regular wear. Its lighter weight makes it suitable for smaller or thinner earlobes. The gleaming surface of 14kt white gold beautifully complements any gemstone or diamond, reflecting their natural sparkle. This durable metal resists corrosion and tarnishing, requiring only regular cleaning to maintain its brilliance and longevity.

14kt Yellow Gold

With its warm hue, 14kt yellow gold provides an excellent backdrop for gemstone and diamond jewelry. Crafted from gold, copper, and silver alloys, this sturdy metal is perfect for everyday wear. Its golden glow complements a variety of gemstone hues, particularly enhancing shades like green and red for a striking appearance.

14kt Rose Gold

14kt rose gold is a soft pinkish metal that has romantic appeal. It looks visually appealing against both light and dark skin tones. Rose gold is an alloy of copper and gold, which ensures that it is a sturdy metal, suitable for regular wear. Rose gold looks best with warmer toned gems but can be a great match for all other gemstones and diamonds as well. For those that are looking for an interesting alternative to white or yellow gold, this metal choice is the perfect fit.


Platinum is a valuable and durable metal ideal for heirloom-quality earrings. Hypoallergenic and comprising 95% pure platinum and 5% iridium, platinum resists corrosion and scratches without requiring rhodium plating. Its density makes it heavier than gold, suitable for regular wear but may not be ideal for thinner earlobes. Platinum pairs exceptionally well with diamonds and precious gemstones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire, offering enduring beauty and durability.


loose amethyst, peridot, diamond and aquamarine on table



Diamonds are the epitome of classic and timeless elegance for earrings. Many people choose diamond earrings because they are a durable gemstone that can become a treasured heirloom for future generations. Their versatility makes them suitable for both casual wear and special occasions. When crafting diamond earrings, Stienhardt meticulously matches the diamonds for color and clarity, ensuring a uniform and desirable appearance.

There is a wide array of options and styles available when purchasing diamond earrings. Diamond studs are a perennial favorite, flattering women of all ages and serving as a wardrobe staple suitable for any setting. Popular shapes for diamond earrings include round, emerald, cushion, marquise, oval, and princess. Additionally, diamond hoops and halo designs are excellent choices that can enhance any jewelry collection.

Halo or cluster earrings are particularly appealing because they highlight the size of the center diamond, making the earrings appear larger. Many people favor classic shapes like round and princess, with round diamonds being especially popular due to their numerous facets and exceptional sparkle.

Diamonds pair beautifully with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. As one of the hardest gemstones, diamonds are ideal for regular wear and maintain their brilliance without scratching or losing their luster. With regular cleaning using warm water and non-abrasive soap or any diamond cleaner, your earrings will retain their beauty indefinitely.


Benefits of Choosing a Certified Diamond

Crafting your own earrings carries a unique charm, especially when using certified diamonds. This process not only results in a distinctive piece that reflects your personality and commemorates a significant moment in your life, but also guarantees a reliable piece of jewelry worth its price. Certified diamonds in jewelry hold high resale value, making them a worthwhile investment whether you choose to keep or upgrade the piece. At Stienhardt, we dedicate ourselves to selecting only the finest certified diamonds, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and enabling you to create earrings that truly resonate with your desires.

Build Your Own Natural or Lab Created Diamond Earrings


Whether you prefer a halo or stud style, you can enhance the sparkle with either a natural or lab-grown diamond, confident that each stone is certified. Mined diamonds come with GIA certification, while lab-grown diamonds are accompanied by IGI certificates, making your shopping experience seamless and assuring. Certified diamonds guarantee you are getting genuine brilliance for your money and provide detailed information about your diamond's characteristics.

Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose either a lab-grown or mined diamond, assured that you are getting the right piece for your investment. With the increase in lab diamond production, it's easy to find a match for all quality specifications. However, it's important to note that lab diamond prices fluctuate more than those of naturally mined diamonds, which may be a consideration for those focused on long-term resale value. Ultimately, investing in a certified diamond ensures that your money is well-spent and secure.



Rubies, with their stunning red hue and captivating sparkle, are renowned for their deep, passionate color. Ruby earrings are particularly striking when set in white or yellow gold, as these metals beautifully complement the natural red of the rubies. Larger rubies with a vivid pigeon blood red color are especially prized, while those that are too dark, too light, or pinkish are less valued. Although there is no formal grading scale for rubies as there is for diamonds, the industry recognizes AAA as the highest quality for a ruby.

When selecting rubies for earrings, it is crucial that the color, cut, and carat weight match to ensure a harmonious appearance. The rubies should look like a pair when viewed face-up. Most rubies have inclusions—tiny imperfections formed during the gemstone's creation. While it is rare to find rubies without any inclusions, Stienhardt aims to source gems where these inclusions minimally impact the stone's beauty. The primary goal is to ensure that the rubies maintain their brilliance and are not overshadowed by inclusions.

Blue Topaz


Blue Topaz, with its playful icy blue hue, is one of the most popular blue gemstones, second only to sapphire. It is mined worldwide, predominantly in Australia, Russia, and Brazil. Naturally, blue topaz appears in a soft blue tone, but with heat treatment, its color becomes more saturated and a deeper blue. This color enhancement is permanent. Blue Topaz is a transparent gemstone with minimal to no inclusions, allowing it to shine brilliantly.

This versatile gemstone can be cut into various shapes, including round, cushion, princess, and oval. With Clarity crafts Blue Topaz earrings using exceptionally cut AAA blue topaz. We ensure each pair of earrings features matching blue topaz gems in both hue and cut. When purchasing blue topaz earrings, white gold is the optimal choice as it enhances the gemstone's natural sparkle. Round cuts are especially popular as their facets maximize the stone's brilliance.

Blue Topaz, the birthstone for December, makes a wonderful birthday gift. It looks stunning when paired with diamonds in halo or drop styles and is equally striking as a solitaire or stud due to its vivid hue.


Amethyst, with its elegant purple hue, derives its color from the presence of iron and aluminum impurities. AAA quality amethyst exhibits a consistently deep purple color with excellent saturation throughout the gemstone. While amethyst can be found worldwide, it is most commonly sourced from Bolivia, Canada, and Myanmar. High-quality amethyst is transparent, allowing light to pass through unobstructed, creating a captivating sparkle that enhances its purple hue. Typically, amethyst is an eye-clean gemstone, meaning it has no visible inclusions.

Amethyst is most commonly cut in round and oval shapes to showcase its vibrant purple color. Those with superior color saturation are often cut into fancy shapes. Stienhardt uses natural, untreated amethyst in all earring designs. When selecting amethysts, With Clarity ensures that each pair matches in symmetry, sparkle, and hue. The regal purple color of amethyst pairs beautifully with white gold and sparkles best in round shapes.



Emeralds are renowned for their sparkling and luxurious green hue. The quality of an emerald is determined by its size, color, and the absence of inclusions. Emeralds with a striking green hue and minimal inclusions are highly prized and more expensive, though such stones are rare and difficult to find. Most emeralds naturally contain some inclusions formed during their growth, which cannot be avoided. Emeralds with numerous inclusions can appear opaque and cloudy, reducing their sparkle. When selecting emeralds for earrings, it is crucial to choose a pair that matches in hue, saturation, and quality.

Emerald earrings look stunning when set in yellow or white gold, as these metals complement the vibrant green color of the emerald. Emeralds are available in various shapes, including round, cushion, emerald, princess, and oval. For a versatile and stylish look, halo or classic settings are ideal, as they are easy to wear and suit any attire. For those who wish to highlight a fancy shape or enhance the gemstone's sparkle, a dangling style is an excellent choice.


Gemstone Buying Guide

For colored gemstones, many jewelers grade them based on characteristics such as color, clarity, and sparkle. When it comes to diamonds, it is advisable to purchase GIA-certified stones, which are graded on cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and other qualities. Understanding the quality of the natural gemstone being purchased aids in making an informed decision. Stienhardt is committed to using only AAA-certified, high-quality gemstones that are all-natural. Most of Stienhardt's gemstones undergo permanent heat treatment to enhance their appearance.


Do sapphires hold their value over time?

Yes, sapphires do hold their value over time; just ensure to opt for a high-quality grade natural sapphire with an intense hue.

What is the value of a lab created sapphire?

A lab created sapphire will sell for a lower price compared to a natural sapphire, and usually costs approximately $40 per carat.